Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Look at me, blah, blah, blah, I'm important, listen to me whine, blah, blah

Boy, it's been quite a day. It's been pretty sedate towards the end of today's shift, but I got off to an exciting start early this morning. I got an assortment of irate callers, and one of them even swore at me. I can handle an upset customer, but when they start cussing, it's hard for me to keep cool. Come on, how can you have a decent conversation (with someone you don't know, let alone see), who hurls a 'f*** you' at you? Just because you're the customer doesn't give you the right treat other people like crap.

Ever since I became a CSR, I've become a much nicer customer myself. Not that I was inclined to start a verbal skirmish with other people giving me customer service in the past. It's just that I'm more sympathetic of where they're coming from. Of course, there's no excuse for lousy and/or rude service, and that deserves the appropriate hostile reaction.

In other unrelated human events that I came across on the web, rapper Nelly was boycotted recently. He's currently promoting his new health drink Pimp Juice across the U.S. and some people/organiztions took offense at the name. They're pulling it off the shelves at some stores as a result of the outrage his drink sparked. Honestly, who names their drink Pimp-freakin'-Juice??? (in a Dr. Evil voice...) What is up with these guys anyway? There's more to life than Bling-bling, money, cars, and bitches.

Anyways, I'm outta here, just as soon as I'm done with the shift update....