Thursday, November 13, 2003

Daijobu Desu Ka??

It was a long day yesterday...I was alone again on the morning shift but fortunately some fellow reps were kind enough to go on OT. It was ok until about 10am when I was alone and the calls started coming in. There was a time that I was on a call, and there were two more waiting in queue. I wanted to say out loud: "I only have one body, dammit! Go to sleep people!". I don't blame anyone if they get sick and don't take it against them if they can't make it, it's just that recently it happens to be me that's left alone on A shift more often than not. It gets to you, ya know?? Whew - I needed that.

Moving on, I barely have enough moolah to cover the upcoming delivery. I just put together our savings from various sources, namely:

a. Salary Loan
b. Uncle's wedding gift (CASH)
c. X-Mas bonus...I hope.

This is really eating away at my peace of mind. Well, I hope my dad helps me out with this, and my loving Aunt is willing to do so too. I was watching "8 simple Rules" last night and it occured to me that if I have daughters, I'm gonna have to go through the same thing as well. It's at this point in my life that I appreciate what a parent does for their children....because I'm about to be one myself. To be honest, it scares me out of my wits when I think about the challenge of Parenthood. At this time, I'm just praying I don't screw up my kid in any sort of psychological way. Thanks to my folks, I turned out pretty OK (and I use the term "OK" loosely).

I'm applying for the APAC opening as well....this is the 3rd time I've done so, and I hope that they pick me. I really need the daytime schedule because my wife is almost due, and so that I can take care of the baby. Also, I plan to take advanced Japanese language classes to enhance my language ability,and I need to get out of work early. Who knows, maybe I can do Japanese support for Macromedia too...the bigger pay wouldn't hurt either, heheh :)