Sunday, November 09, 2003

Up, up and away

We finally had another ultrasound session for the baby yesterday. The doctor wouldn't allow another one too soon, but she gave the go signal during our scheduled check-up.

It was awesome - I'm still getting my mind around the fact that my wife has a little human being inside of her. The images on the screen resembled a dark place with light filtering into it, revealing the baby against the rays seeping in. I didn't know it could show his bones too; I could even see his little heart beating. I felt like Superman with X-ray vision. We had a look at him last September and the nurse says it's a boy but she wasn't 100% sure because they couldn't get a good look with the baby turned away. Well, it was the same yesterday since the baby had his legs closed. She got a glimpse for about a few seconds, but he was moving back and forth. Not that it matters if the baby's a boy or a girl, but it's maddening when you don't know for sure...the suspense is really something. This entry can't really do our experience justice, but any parent could tell you the same thing, about what it feels like.

Ever since I started this blog, I've made more of a conscious effort to make mental notes of my thoughts so I can tuck them away when I get the chance to get online and post here. Sometimes it's frustrating when I forget what I want to say when I'm here at So now when I get a revelation, make an astute observation, or just have nonsense I'd like to immortalize on the web, my brain goes into recorder mode and makes neural post-its.

Anyways, it was great to get a long overdue dose of sweet Rock last night. Paul (from tech support) was kind enough to lend me his Red Hot Chili Peppers DVD. It's concert footage - it was already late so I wasn't able to see all of it. I zipped right to the songs I knew. For some time now, I thought I was too old for seems like I lost interest in the heavy stuff. Hahah, guess not. I don't really follow the new stuff right now, it's like I stopped updating myself after college. It was a great rush seeing them jump and jam on stage. Anthony Kiedis really knows his shit. He has a way with words, and the way his verses and words gel together is simply wicked. The DVD had subtitles for the lyrics, so I caught every crazy word. Sometimes it seems like he's not making any sense, but he says it so gosh-darn well, ah-hyuk (invoking a goofy voice:P). I didn't realize after all this time, that I miss this kind of stuff :-)

To point the topic compass in the other direction, I'm contemplating on what a doozy remorse can be. It's funny how you can get carried away with your emotions and up end doing something you'll regret. In some cases, you can undo it, but sometimes you can't. Too bad life doesn't come with a reset or rewind button. Oops, I'm late for work - *click* - rewind to the past, and wake up earlier. Hahah, dream on I suppose.