Tuesday, November 18, 2003
I just came down from a state of seething anger. Ok, so I was late when I came in today, the clock said 6:01, no problem about that. It was my fault I was late....but to have someone cut you in line just to freakin' logout??? The moron (that's the best civilized term my feverish psyche can come up with right now) clearly saw me waiting for the stuck-up system to load the last person's login when he just took the liberty of punching in his own Goddamn employee number right in front of me. I just made a mad dash from the ground floor so I was too much out of breath to say anything. All I could do was give him a very evil, weary and pissed-off look while panting.

This whole post is an exercise in futility (aside from a means of venting my fuming soul), but I'll carry on to bitch and moan anyways...this is my blog, dammit. To that person who cut me in line and incurred my wrath: I wish a thousand curses upon your pathetic and socially inept ass that lacks breeding and proper ettiquette. Death is to good for you, sir. May you suffer a terrible accident on the way to whatever hole in the wall that you call a home. This is way too much for something as fickle as this, but still...I was wronged. I'll be praying that you run into the worst luck you will ever experience in your worthless life.

Zzzzz....* wha? What happened? I had the most bizzarre dream. I was really angry at someone and...oh well. That's now just a dull ache in the back of my head - I wonder what that was all about.