Saturday, August 19, 2006

You don't know the meaning of PRO until you see all nine minutes of this. I can only imagine what it was like if I had actually been there.
Thursday, August 10, 2006
It's ironic that I'm seeing less of Dan though my primary sources of income are very near where I live. It's nothing really but it feels like my shriveled little heart is going through a grinder when he prefers to be carried by the yaya rather than me.

Inara's advice to a distressed woman in labor pains was: "This is just a moment in time. Step aside and let it happen."

That's right, but it could also hold another meaning. Stand aside long enough and you could miss out on what's important.

Earlier this year I was seriously considering working in the U.S. for a while to earn enough for a house or something else. Looking back now, I'm kind of relieved every one of my prospective employers completely ignored my cover letters. Thinking about it now, I don't believe that I could bear to be away from my family for so long.

It's late and I've been up since three this morning; I can lament on this another day I suppose. And I think I got something caught in my eye. Really.
Monday, August 07, 2006
In spite of the fire and bile I spew on this site, I truly am grateful for everything that has come to pass in my life. Considering the millions of others who have a fraction of what I often take for granted, I'm still OK. I'm still lucky regardless of how I react to the bad things that come along.

As for my last post, well I had to google a certain line from something I watched long ago, just to make sure I remembered it right:

"Once you start compromising your thoughts, you're a candidate for mediocrity. "

- Taken from the film, "Biloxi Blues"
Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sweet Downtime and Status Update

It's been a while. Well, I just wrapped up twenty plus hours I put into OT over the past few days. It's time to put my feet up for a while, so to speak - as if my feet aren't up enough from working at home. Still, I lost a bit of sleep over that but the payslip on the 15th will be worth it. After all the bills won't pay themselves :)

Anyway, I'm throughly enjoying Lyn's new headset playing some tunes and rediscovering the textures and little nuances from Slipknot and Dream Theater that I usually miss from my own battered Plantronics unit. Oh, and I played the first few minutes of the pilot episode of Firefly too. Man, as if the show wasn't good enough already. It's even better than it was watching it with my own afforementioned headset.

Moving on, Lyn started with my same job as well but they haven't gone live yet. Speaking of which, I've managed to get her new, shiny PC (humbling my own with a hard drive twice the size of mine) online with the help of a stubborn ethernet switch and a couple of friends (in no particular order of course - thanks Lee and Mike ^_^). So far the bandwidth's been holding steady at 800-900 Kbps or so, with the occasional fluctuation, but all seems to be well. I guess it's not very cost-effective for my ISP to have more than one PC using a residential DSL connection, but I'd be justifying that (at least to myself) considering the aggravation I've endured from them since last year. So there.

I started my first AutoCAD class last Sunday too. I strolled in forty minutes late much to the annoyance of my three, older male classmates. The traffic was so bad that day with the constant rain and all. One of them was nice enough to give me a ride near my village. They, and the teacher seem like a nice enough bunch. I still have four more weekly 6-hour sessions to go for the next month. This AutoCAD padawan will be practicing his newly learned skillz with an "unoffical" copy obtained through a popular P2P program \m/

Hopefully the module 1 certificate I'll be getting at the end of the course will be good enough for those Japs at the company we're increasingly unlikely to be hired by anytime soon. Yes, I am still bitter about it. Fuckers.

Lately a lot of the people within my immediate circle have fallen ill and/or passed away. It's a coincidence of course, but the frequency has made me acknowledge my own mortality more often than not. Isn't it weird that it costs immensely less to damage your body/health than it is to repair it? Consider a pack of cigarettes versus lung cancer treatments. Health is wealth indeed.

What else? Dan got mild pneumonia earlier this month but it went away fortunately. He briefly got a short fever last week, so that worried me a bit - here's hoping that it doesn't happen again. Oh and I tried catching my friend's band at a show last weekend. The whole event was so haphazardly planned that the lineup was constantly changing so much and I had to leave for work before they actually got on stage to play. It's a shame because the ticket was free, but at least we got to catch Session Road and Grin Department :)

But dammit the crowd was so unruly with underage boys running around in their underwear for the love of God. They were throwing mineral water bottles all over the place and the nook where we stayed at smelled like piss. Call me snotty and uptight, but have some breeding for fuck's sake. It's about the music, and the little shits were just there to break stuff. That ain't what rock's about. Nodding your head to the beat and taking in the band's performance is more than enough. I'm weird like that.

Anyway, it's getting late and the guilt of using Lyn's sleek new headset is unbearable (she's right next to me using my weathered Plantronics set). Later on, I'll be editing the sappiness that was my last post.