Saturday, July 09, 2005
A Very Rushed Update

Ok, here goes...I have a job interview on Monday as I'm applying for a part-time position as a Japanese/English teacher . I actually had a first interview with them already this week, but they told me to review my grammar notes and come back to do a demo lesson. I must say that speaking and writing in English on a daily basis for three years (during my previous job) does not automatically make you a good teacher. You'd think that after all that time, teaching grammar would be a breeze. Wrong. It's one thing to use the language, and an entirely different matter to teach the theories and rules behind it. Honestly, I'm less anxious with what I'm going to demo for my Japanese stuff. We'll see how it turns out next week.

Had the two front tires replaced yesterday. The old ones were so worn out that they were causing the steering to wiggle already. It's smooth driving from now on. The airconditioner at the office is leaking freon. Repairs amount to P2500...good god. Expenses abound...what's new, right?

I guess that does it for now. I'll be coming back when time allows it.