Monday, November 03, 2003
Monday: a fresh start, a clean slate. I'd think of it as that rather than picturing the first day of the week as the bottom of a very steep climb.

Well whaddaya know? I was going over some emails from the T3 folks, and they were talking about a customer's vile and venomous feedback (with the inclusion of certain expletives) that went straight to the top. To my horror, it turns out I spoke to the guy. Hot damn! It was a good thing that I followed procedure (and have notes to back it up), so I'm in the clear even if the customer raises hell about the issue. The email was dated back in Oct. 29, so if T3 was gonna ping me about this, they would have done it already.... *sigh of sincere relief*

I don't want to use this blog as a venue for griping and moaning (not too much anyway), although I guess I have the right to. On
the way to work today, amidst the backdrop of the rising sun, I was thinking about starting the week by counting my blessings. I'm dead sure my work-related close call is probably one of those things to be thankful for. Heck, I'm greatful I have a job too - and at a nice account at that. Yeah, this job does have its exhausting moments: the mounting call queue, the occasional angry (and oafish) caller, etc. But still, considering that other people are breaking their backs carrying a heavy load under the scorching sun for barely half of what we earn, I'm still very lucky.

The previous company where I worked at wasn't too great to put it nicely. It was a total lack of communication from the client; I felt like they didn't care what happened over here, just as long as we could somehow knock down the 50-100+ queue (this is not a typo). The client base was mostly a bunch of homeowners who weren't too good with a computer. And the was a total mess. We were one of two call centers for the client, and the other one was based in India. This agent would promise the customer a refund, and I get to be the object of her fury and wrath when I deliver the news that she isn't getting one. I mean, there was no way I could get in touch with that other agent, so I was pretty much in deep ca-ca.

So given that, I felt a sense of relief that my current account is light years ahead in terms of well, everything. Chalk that up to another good thing.

Ah's time to have some of the packed lunch my wife made for me (very) early this morning.