Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I know Kung-Fu

So many things to write down, so little brain cells, heheh. My mind's still trying to digest Matrix: Revolutions...it was a great movie, but like Reloaded, it doesn't have the same emotional pull or dark sleekness of the first. Technically, the third one is a great acheivement. There are a lot of great special effects action sequences, and a lot of nicely done CGI going on. The trick with doing this kind of stuff is to balance it out with an intelligible plot and dialogue so that the action scenes don't dumb down the movie.

It was great to finally see the whole thing come to a resolution...well, almost anyway. It was pretty much an open-ended kinda thing though; but at least the Watchowskis didn't settle for a crowd-pleasing ending. I was honestly expecting and hoping that the machine empire would come to a screeching halt, with the big explosions and all. I was picturing that Neo would just wave his hand and the calamari, spider-like thingies, and other assorted things that go 'clang' in the night would go KA-BOOM! But no, peace with the machines? That was a great way to end things....leaves plenty of room for spin-offs movies, comics books, and another volume of Anime revolving around the truce between man and machine. I guess that Keanu doesn't have to get a day job just yet.

Change topic: I happened upon a copy of Wayne's World on sale at the mall. It's a nice non-pirated 2 CD set that I got along with another VCD I bought for my Dad. The first time I saw the movie, I was barely in my teens watching it with my long-time friend and next-door neighbor. It contributed greatly to my love of rock and roll. Honestly, who else but Wayne and Garth can come up with "Schhhwiiing!" (or maybe it was the scriptwriters)?

It's funny, because now that I watched it again with my wife, I realized that I've come a long way since i last saw this movie. With my hand on her tummy, feeling the baby kicking, I remember the old days when I didn't care about anything but myself. It's so much different now...all the years that went by...so many changes.

Anyways, Wayne's World is a cornerstone in our civlization's culture. For a review of this movie, click here.