Sunday, June 25, 2006
I'm Sorry

*Shouting can be the result of not being able to set a limit early enough before the child has crossed the line where you can't put up with it anymore.

*It is important to be able to recognize when you need to stop what is happening before you get to this line. As soon as you feel that this is happening you need to stop whatever you are doing and the children are doing, and do something that will help change the pace:

-sit everyone down and make a drink
-watch a video
-read a favourite story or play it on a tape
-play a favourite, not-too-exciting game

*Let children know often that you love them and that you like them and you are proud of them, to make up for the occasional times when you may say damaging things.

*If you do shout, try to make sure you do not say things that are harmful to children or put them down.

*If you do shout a lot, your children are likely to shout too. They are copying you, not trying to "get at" you.

*Remember that what you do occasionally is not what harms children, it is what goes on most of the time. If most of the time your relationship is good, that is what will count.