Thursday, October 27, 2005
You know what I like about Star Trek? The fact that they've done away with the whole concept of currency. By the twenty-somethingeth century, all mankind has decided that there is no need to use that extra-special sheet of paper we need to have piles and piles of to keep ourselves happy.
What makes a man? Is it the brute physique? The steel will? The iron resolve to weather any cirumstance and obstacle? IMHO, it's the diskarte. No, it's the diskaaaaaarrrte, because you know, you have to say it with a street-smart edge to emphasize the full weight and effect of the said concept. So that's what makes a man what he should be. That, and the ability to squeeze every amount of production from one's phyiscal being - not to mention the ability to exist on a few hours of sleep. I heard that Batman developed some sort of Far Eastern meditation technique that allows him to cram a good night's sleep into three hours. Teach me, he must.
OT, here I come.
Yeah, so what brought about these idle musings? I just did the math today, and the semi-fat paycheck I'm expecting tomorrow (or on Monday, God forbid) is barely gonna cover the pending expenses. Aaaand, one of our ex-students still hasn't paid up.
Since I'm on the subject, let me say something about their family. They're basically your trailer trash family that hit it big through their successful trucking business. Let me say this: money doesn't buy class.
Being loaded as they are, it's ironic that they're dodging my follow up calls for their over-fucking-due payments. Mayaman ka nga, jologs naman ugali mo, bobo pa sa ingles. In preparation for a science test, I asked his smelly, overgrown son what the benefit of exercise is. His frickin' reply:
Potah. Saan ka nakakita ng ganyang kabobong estudyante? Daig pa sya ng isa naming tinuturuan na nasa grade 1. Yeah, I'm judging them, but what can I say, the truth hurts. I'm pissed ok? Go away.


mistress ice said...

o... ang poot. hahhaha...
i miss you marko, you and your monotonous voice that serves well in delivering those one-of-a-kind comments.
hope you're enjoying WFH VCC.

insanityspill said...

since they can't buy class, i wish they would buy a dictionary.