Saturday, April 17, 2004
Test your mettle

It's been a stressful week. Dan's sick, most likely viral in nature. Doc says it will run its course in about 3-5 days; it's day four today. Thankfully, his appetite hasn't slowed down any. We're giving him an oral rehydration solution that he's been drinking without any complaints. The important thing is that he replenishes the fluids he's lost during his sickness. Needless to say, it's a bum out for me. I can conclude that the amount of stress accumulated throughout the day is directly proportional to my ability to come up with sarcastic remarks.

Honestly, I'd rather stay home than be at work in case we need to take him back to the doctor. There's people home for the weekend, so I can put my mind at ease while I'm at the office. The pitfalls of working at a call center, I guess (rest days don't always fall under weekends).

Experts say that you shouldn't baby talk your kid in order to hasten his/her language skills. That's easier said than done when you're holding your sick child in your arms while he's looking at you with a my-existence-depends-on-you kind of expression. It's truly heart-breaking.

Omen of the Apocalypse

On another note, there's so much crap on TV lately that I can't just stand by not say anything anymore. I'm talking about the atrocious campaign ads airing lately. I consider myself to be apolitical, but this shit is repugnant. Here's my inspiration for today's cyber-bithcing:

- Jinggoy: Erap is shown wearing his trademark wristband with the presidential seal on it. Loser. He can't get over the fact that his drunk ass isn't seated in the palace anymore. Then, there's a scene which father is passing on his legacy to his son. I wonder what legacy that would be? A tradition of whoring, drinking and corruption?

Who do they think they are?? The champion of the masses?? Maybe their movies are geared towards that demographic which is the winning formula to ensure maximum profit. But they are not the model leaders of this country, not in this lifetime...or next thosuand ones either.

Did the people selectively ignore the long news segment that featured the wealthy lifestyle of the now defunct pig of a president? When will people see through the lies?

Bong Revilla: "Aksyon sa tunay na buhay"..."Take 1 lang sa paglilingkod sa bayan" (or something like that). With lines like these, where do certain people in showbusiness get the nerve to be offended when they're pigeonholed as unfit for politics? If they want to break the stigma that actors rely on their popularity to get elected, then they should stop airing garbage like this. Making cinematic references in your TV ad only enforces the stereotype that actors have no substance as far as public office is concerned.

FPJ: Am I the only one who doesn't get this? Quality jobs? Right minus wrong? What the hell is he talking about?? Is there an embedded subliminal message in this ad? If this is his attempt to promote his "platform", then the previously mentioned stereotype is all but wrong. This is a prime example of using your financial/social clout to get into public office, or be a candidate. He's right up there with Eddie Gil (thank God they disqualified that psycho. Why not FPJ too??) - they both have no sensible plans whatsoever.

This is the guy who can't give a remotely coherent plan of what he's gonna do once the fate of tens of millions of people are in his hands. And they want him in office?