Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Oh Boy...

You tell me if this person is kidding or not:
*note: I've changed the person's name to "xxxxxx"

markoboyd421: Hi xxxxxx
xxxxxx: hi
markoboyd421: My apologies for the delayed response to your request yesterday
markoboyd421: just emailed the customer about his *****
xxxxxx: why not yesterday?
xxxxxx: you told me you would do it
markoboyd421: I was answering emails in ****** and I overlooked it - I apologize for that
xxxxxx: look, I'll overlook this one, but that's it
xxxxxx: you told me you would do it and you did not
xxxxxx: our trust has been shaken
xxxxxx: our trust meaning you and me
markoboyd421: It won't happen again -
xxxxxx: thank you