Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tech Lust

I've had my eye on the Gameboy Micro and Gameboy Advance SP for some time now. I'm feeling conflicted over which one I should get. Advance SP has a bigger screen and a clamshell design (added screen protection) but needs an extra accessory to use standard headphones with it. On the other hand, Micro boasts a sleeker design, looking like a modern version of the beloved Game and Watch. It has a smaller (but reportedly sharper) screen of 51 mm (or 2 inches) compared to 74 mm (or 2.9 inches) for the GBA. It's basically a clash of form over function.
Of course Micro is prettier, but is the smaller screen and lack of screen protection (clamshell design) worth it? It does have a built in slot for standard headphones, but I'm wondering if it will be easier playing games on it. I've read about minor gripes about the mushier feel the control pad and the other buttons buttons have during gameplay. There are a couple of negligible things about Micro that don't bother me, namely that it can't play old Gameboy and Gameboy color games and that it's pricier by about 200Php. I guess the only way to decide which is best is by trying out both versions at the store.