Monday, December 18, 2006
I want to try something new today. Instead of losing it when things don't go my way, I could actually try and take things in stride like a sensible adult. It is the new year after all and I've just added another year to my age so I could at least give it a shot.

Yesterday was a good day. We watched Dan perform at his school musical and it was a well-made production. They danced to "Be Our Guest" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". He played Chip, the talking teacup complete with costume and all. Hopefully it'll be possible to upload it to YouTube when we get the video of the event. Aftwerwards, we had dinner at Max's over at Eastwood. His ninang gave him an early birthday cash gift, so we dropped by the toy store and got Roley from "Bob the Builder". We also went on the merry-go-round twice. Children have such simple joys. The look in his eyes while we went round and round was priceless.

It was very moving to see Dan unabashedly do his rehearsed number with so much honesty and joy. It wasn't too long ago when he could barely crawl, let alone talk. He's come such a long way. And now this - it really dampens the eyes. How do I describe the feeling? Ah, my heart's going to burst.

The next time I find myself in the middle of a really bad day, I'll look back and tell myself that as bad as it can get, it can get as good as it was yesterday .