Sunday, November 13, 2005
"Seasons change, and so can I"

- A Change Of Seasons, Dream Theater

Towards the tail-end of this 22 minute behemoth of a song, that line is heartily sung, glam rock style. It's a shame I only got into this band very recently. Some of my other friends have been raving about them for years, and it's only now that I finally got to appreciate them (the band, not my friends - they're all far away).

But I digress. The reason for quoting that line is because, in my own interpretation, I can relate to it. Those words, imortalized in sonic glory, strikes a chord within me. You know that feeling when you hear the lyrics of a song, and you can soooo relate? I'm feeling that right now.

People change over time. We all pass through different phases in our lives, with each passing one changing us for the better or for the worse. It's true what they say about the majority of one's life heavily depending on how you react to it. I'm feeling a little introspective tonight, so I feel like looking back on the recent years of my young life. The last few years that have passed feel like eternity strecthed thin. I've gone through so many trials and tribulations, that sadly, have partially left me bitter and jaded about how the world works. Not to mention a crash course in the following: The Breakdown Of Human Relations 101™, and Picking up The Pieces After Estrangement 101™, and Stop Being So Pissed Off 101™.

As of this writing, I'm anticipating a a change of seasons once again, although I'm not absolutely sure just yet. Give it a few days, and I'll know for sure. If it is what I think it is, then it will be another test of my mettle. Take it as it comes they say. Yeah, we'll see.

Paying your dues. Seeing the long line at the PRC office made me think of a few things. IMHO, all of us line up to carve out a dream we have within ourselves. It can be any field, whether legal or illegal. So we have to sweat it out with other hopefuls, the brooding masses that happen to have the same dream as ours. Then it boils down to having to stand out from the rest, perform with flying colors, save the world and ride off the into the sunset. Well maybe not the last two, but you know what I mean right?

It feels like a movie actually. There are certain archetypes that you, the Naive Newbie, are bound meet along the way, such as the The Jaded Veteran and The Evil Rival Determined To Make your Life Hell. It reminds me of those overly romanticized movies where the common street gangster rises to the ranks to become the crime boss- or those singing contests/fashion model reality shows/artista search drivel shown on TV.

Of course, there's the token snotty judge who's usually an overbearing bitch or a drag queen on PMS. They dish out the usual, I'm-such-an-established-power-figure-in-the-world-you-chose-to-get-into-and-you-shall-kiss-my-egotistic-ass-lest-you-fail-miserably kind of lines to give the viewer the impression that they're really someone you should fear.

Ok, I think my little ditty on life is turning into a downward spiral isn't it? I can't help being sarcastic after a few sentences I guess...