Monday, May 09, 2005
Life, One Bullet Point At a Time

My day so far:
  • Woke up at 8AM
  • Had breakfast with Lyn and Dan (fed him nilaga with rice, he didn't like the breaded fish with tartar sauce, or maybe he just doesn't like the sauce)
  • Briefly checked email and other sites from the house (dial up is behaving ok now, must be the PLDT vibe prepaid card and the system restore I did last night to remove the spyware brought about by a downloaded patch for ragnarok)
  • Gave Dan a bath, put him to sleep
  • Took a nap while Dan was sleeping
  • Left Dan with the neighbors (Lyn's relatives)
  • Left the house in a frenzied rush (and late at that)
  • Arrived at work five minutes late
  • Rescheduled a long delayed mother's day dinner with my mom for Wednesday
  • Chatted with my friend (in the US) online and helped him track down his mom's friend that lives here (made a few calls to ask around)
  • Had a late lunch (Abrea is the shiznitz)
  • Took some calls
  • Did some emails
  • Waiting for my shift end
How was your day?