Saturday, July 31, 2004
Money Matters

A lot of things are getting me down today, mostly financially related. Sometimes I wish we could live in a Star Trek-like type of society where we don't need money at all and focus on the other things in life.

The credit card bill is knocking on my door once again. Good thing I got a cash incentive at work (for sticking around this long), which sadly seems destined to settle the plastic debt. Other obligations include the phone bill, milk/diapers, and the nanny's wages.

The car aircon is also acting up (i.e. not cold on a f@#$!ng hot day) hence the inevitable costly check up/repair. What sucks is that it might be related to the scrap metal mishap I had earlier this month. My mom-in-law said she saw something dripping under the car. Could it be a freon leak? Or is freon a gas...? Forgive my ignorance about these kind of things.  I could ask my Dad to help out on the maintenance for the mehcanical beast of burden.

I was telling my friend in the U.S. about my problems (thank you IM)...and he told me, "chin up" (probably referring to that line from SpiderMan 2). Which reminds me that I didn't post any comments yet about the movie, which I loved. I've always loved Peter Parker's character (in and out of costume) because his everyday problems, coupled with his "other" duties, would have broken a lesser man. That's something that I really admire in him - and serves as an inspiration to me as well.

Well, at this point, I could use a smoke, but I'm still sick. And sick is costly too, when translated into medicine. Lemme tell ya, at this point in my life, it sucks to be sick. You can't do the things you need to do when you're not physically well. Bawal magkasakit.