Saturday, March 06, 2004
Listening to the Make Yourself CD right now - - as if I haven't spun this one a hundred times in college. What I should be listening to is the Crow album since I'm not too familiar with the songs on that yet, and chances are Incubus is mostly gonna play the new stuff. One, Ben Kenney probably can't play the old shit yet, and two, the tour is named after the new album for crying out loud.

Ah...all these thoughts I had brewing inside my brain for the past week have ebbed away. Too lazy to write them down and post it here.

Even if the copy of The Last Samurai that I saw was pirated, it was still apparent that it was a good movie. Again, it's all about East-meets-West. There's something about that theme that's so poignant and intriguing. Even if two people live separately and might as well live in different planets, they can still find some common ground. I wish i could write something significant and meaningful that would remotely resemble a review, it seems that my brain cells are spent at the moment.

On another note, I'm gonna look for a new blog skin - - this layout is already sickening to my eyes.