Saturday, December 20, 2003
Baby update: none yet at the moment. My wife hasn't dilated yet so we're still on standby mode as of now. I hope it's soon coz she's having back pains and it's getting harder for her everyday. She's already been confined twice for a few days due to contractions, but it wasn't showtime just yet. I just hope that we have enough to cover the bill....

Incubus' new album is due out soon - yay!! They have a preview track available on the site but I can't try it out for now, although I'm sorely tempted to. The IT guys might bust my butt if I do. Hmmm....I might just try it....oh what the hell. I'll be back. be honest, the new song Megalomaniac, isn't really something that knocked me off my feet. It's more of the Morning View style still. I was sincerely hoping they would go back a bit to the S.C.I.E.N.C.E stuff: quirky, heavy, and a bit funky. I mean, they've proven that they can do diffrerent kinds of stuff, and they don't stick to a winning formula. I was taken aback a bit by how their last album sounded compared to others...but as the older stuff, it grew on me, just as I'm sure that I'll do the same with the new album.

People have been talking about Incubus coming over here. I hope it's not another Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park "concert". Yes, I am jaded and bitter over the last two botched shows. Some guy on the Limp Bizkit forum was telling me not to bitch about it. Well, he was rude and I've seen his other posts...he likes to just jump in a conversation and type in a poorly-spelled comment. How would he feel if they annonunced that Korn (seems to be his favorite band) was coming to his place, put up big bilboards about it, and then announce they wouldn't be playing after all? Pissed, I'd like to think.